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Through a combination of strategy and creativity we will define the theme, the appearance the overall feel and the communication, giving you a blueprint that will take your event from idea to reality..

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Do you have an idea for an event? Do you want to be an event that attendees will talk about for months afterwards?
We can bring that idea to life.

Many people have ideas, sometimes two ideas are even the same. What makes the difference is how that idea becomes a reality and this is where we come in. With over 30 years of experience in all types of events, we bring the expertise, the commitment, the style and the care to make your event the one to remember.

Whether it’s a festival, a concert, a conference, a workshop a trade show, award show or gala dinner, our team uses an out-of-the box approach that mixes professionalism and creativity with solid know-how to bring about striking results. There are several important steps in concept development that remain true no matter the type of event:

Step 1: Who are you organizing the event for?

We will work with you to identify and define your audience- this is extremely important as this knowledge is key in understanding how to ensure that the concepts resonate with them. Some concepts will work on one target group while not another.

We will do the relevant research where necessary to better understand their needs, interests and objectives in attending events. Your audiences’ attendance is what will determine the success of your event so creating an event concept that is an ideal fit is really important.

Step 2: Why are you organizing the event?

It is essential that you understand what your goals are in hosting the event. What is the importance of the event? What is your objective and what will your audience gain from it? Is it for entertainment? Is it for education? It is also essential to have goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-based, so that you can then evaluate the event outcomes.

Step 3: What will the theme of the event be?

Depending on your goal and your audience’s needs, you will then be ready to determine what type of event you will host. Is your Will it be a conference, a workshop, a networking event? Will it be free or will there be a ticket or fee? These are all questions you will have to answer before proceeding to plan the event.

Step 4: Where will the event take place?

Once you have determined what the event will be then additional information will be required. Will it be a local or international event? Will it be virtual or physical?

Other than the space requirements there are also considerations for accessibility, cost, and comfort. How will you create a unique experience for your audience, whether virtual or physical?

Step 5: When will the event take place?

Depending on who your attendees will be the day and time of day will become a key decision. If international and virtual, how will the time differences affect it? Will it be after working hours or on a weekend? Are there similar events taking place on the dates being considered? Importantly do you have enough time between the present date and the planned date to ensure that all aspects of the development, marketing and execution can be done effectively and efficiently.

Step 6: What is the cost of the event?

Now that you have the major considerations in place, you need to understand the financial aspects surrounding the event. What will be the cost of marketing and executing the event? How will the budget be financed?

These are just the broad strokes for taking your idea to reality and each of these steps require careful and detailed planning and organisation. Our job is to take this hassle from you and make sure all the required steps in the process are put in place.

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