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With the impact of Covid 19 on live events, the EU and its partners opted to host a virtual conference .

Touchstone Productions managed this execution and produced a hybrid conference complete with all the components of a physical conference including, a virtual lobby and conference hall.

The European Union has been working in partnership with the Government of Jamaica for over 45 years. Explore how their joint work in the area of inclusive and sustainable people and community development can bring about social change and allow renewed communities to evolve. This conference was hosted to discuss the achievement and the benefits of this programme.

Touchstone Productions offered a hybrid solution which combined live presentations and panel discussions with a virtual platform that offered artwork, global registrations, conference website with with agenda, speakers bios and photos, interactive virtual lobby and auditorium, live chat and poll, follow up survey and tracking of attendees. In addition Touchstone facilitated video production and all livestream functions.

The conference surpassed expectations in registrations of which 40% were internations from all over the globe. Programme Manager of the Delegation of the European Union to Jamaica and Belize commented,

” History records periodic occurrences that come along and shift things at the very core. The advent of the Covid 19 pandemic is one such occurrence that is redefining the world of work with the accelerated use of technology, resulting in a proliferation of virtual events. Touchstone Productions has proven its capacity to deliver high quality virtual events. The company is effective at collaborating virtually with clients, demonstrating flexibility as well as the ability to translate client’s needs into reality. The high quality virtual platform which is included in Touchstone’s menu optimizes participants’ experience, while at the same time allowing clients’ to deliver at desired high standards”

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