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Multiday Food & Drink Festival


Richmond St Ann

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Four Day Food and Drink Festival produced by Touchstone Productions. Developed with the aim of showcasing Jamaican cuisine, top chefs, art and craft. Complemented by an entertainment package featuring local and international performers.

In 2010 there were not many large food events taking place in Jamaica however a foodie market had begun to form. In a conversation between Marcia McDonnough ( Managing Director of Touchstone Productions, and popular caterer Lorraine Fung, the idea for a proper food and drink festival which would not only give the local market something special, but would also attract tourists to the island was born. Eighteen months later at the beginning of December, the first major food festival in Jamaica, the Jamaica Epicurean Escape was launched.

The festival took place over 4 days and celebrated over 40 talented chefs including two international Executive chefs. The event was a showcase of spectacular cuisine, wines, art, craft, a kids daycare center with rides and games,daytime entertainment, food seminars and demonstrations. The festival ended with a musical concert for which the headliner in year one was superstar performer Patty LaBelle. Also performing was emerging superstar Chronnixx.

Touchstone Productions was the major force behind the event, building the concept, marketing it locally and internationally, and managing all the production aspects of the event. the festival was hailed as the first of its kind in the island. In 2014 the second staging of the event took place, this time including chefs from the Caribbean.

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