Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival

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Multiday Music Festival


Montego Bay, Jamaica & Online

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Three day music festival featuring local and international performers. Touchstone Productions has managed marketing and sponsorship for the festival for over 20 years.

2021 saw the introduction of a virtual edition of the festival as the live event was not possible. In addition to marketing and sponsorships, Touchstone Productions co-produced the event.

The Jamaica Jazz and Blues staged it last live concert in 2015 and since then the festival has been on pause. With the restrictions brought about by Covid 19, live events were cancelled and people craved for good entertainement. Touchstone Productions in partnership with Steady Image Media group planned, coordinated and produced a virtual edition of the festival which was streamed over three days and garnered an online audience of over 200,000.

Touchstone Productions managed sponsorship, artist bookings and relations, administration, project management and various design elements fo the festival. The innovative presentation of the event got rave reviews from all and set the standard for virtual events for 2021.

Touchstone was highly commended for its ability to pivot from the normal live event to hosting the very successful virtual event.

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