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Marketing management can be likened to the Conductor of an orchestra, listening carefully and interpreting the concept, unifying all the activities, setting the timing and the tempo, planning the execution so that together all the elements present a perfectly tuned and choreographed promotional composition.

The concept is fully developed and plans for your event are in place. Now you need to get the word out to those who you want to attend. So many options are available. How do you decide which ones to use to attract your audience and turn them into attendees? Let us help you with that process.

Some of the specific questions to be answered are: What criteria should you use to select the activities which will be most effective in achieving the goals that you have set for your attendance? Do you use traditional marketing channels or digital and social media channels? What should your promotional material look like? How will people understand exactly what your event is all about?

These types of decisions can be overwhelming but in order for your event to be successful, these and many more questions must all be answered. There must be creativity mixed with practicality, research and analysis, all interwoven around the agreed upon concept.

We will manage this process, generate the marketing plan which will be the blueprint to be followed in order to achieve the most successful results for your event.

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