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Sponsorship can be a viable solution to funding your event, however each event is different and will require a different approach, and each sponsor will have unique goals.

Successful sponsorship management requires the ability to understand the scope of the benefits and to carefully match these with the goals of the sponsor in order to achieve mutual gains.

Your concept is solid and now it’s important to identify the best ways to acquire the funds that you will need to cover your costs, otherwise you will not be able to truly realise your vision.

Sponsorship may be your solution, however proper research and analysis will be important to determine if your event will meet the necessary requirements to be attractive to corporations. Additionally, sponsorship management is not just about raising funds; it’s about creative thinking, trust, understanding market conditions and building long-lasting relationships which will set you up for continued success.

We can help you to engage and build relationships!

Our experience with contracting and managing sponsorships for over twenty five years sets us apart in this area. We will be able to identify suitable sponsors, develop the right approach for each, solicit their support and manage the relationship and the fulfillment of the mutual arrangements.

As virtual and hybrid events become more and more the reality of the future, the nature of sponsorship offers have changed and approaches that were effective in the past are no longer capable of delivering the desired outcome. We have the knowledge and the expertise to find the right fit to deliver the benefits and ROI that are suitable to the goals of the sponsor and the available budget.

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